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  1. Advice
    Swimming in clothes is fun and a growing trend sport.
    1. FAQ
      We've started this guide as a service for new readers.
    2. Glossary
      Here we define and explain some of the common issues about swimming in clothes.
    3. It Gets Better
      Do not tolerate any bullying or discrimination.
    4. Phat Dipping
      Phat dipping is the opposite of skinny dipping.
    5. Pool Parties
      The thrill is that you wear your clothes in the water.
    6. Songkran
      This really is the biggest wet festival worldwide.
      1. Clothing Tips
        The Thai custom is to swim in clothes.
      2. Companions
        You should really have one who helps you find your way.

    7. Underwater
      It becomes more interesting and challenging when you swim in clothes.
    8. Wet Links
      Here are some dripping links that may keep you wet.

  2. Clothes
    Swimming in jeans and hoodies is great fun.
    1. Jeans
      Enjoy our test reviews of jeans and related jeanswear.
      1. History
        Jeans first became popular for swimming in the 1960's.
      2. TV Adverts
        Levi's jeans have been advertised in a variety of underwater commercials.
      3. Levis 501
        We've tested the Levi's Shrink-to-Fit 501XX jeans.
      4. Scuba Diving
        Some divers believe that jeans make excellent diving skins.
      5. Shrink to Fit
        These are the jeans that made Levi-Strauss famous.

    2. Sportswear
      1. Hoodies
        Great for fun sports in or around the water.
      2. T Shirts
        This minimal outfit is good for beginners to learn swimming in clothes.
      3. Tracksuits
        If you enjoy swimming in clothes consider getting some tracksuits.

  3. Photos
    Find wet photos from our readers.
  4. Beach Club   Updated 2015-05-24
    1. Events
    2. Forum Guide

  5. Mud Pit   Updated 2015-05-24
    1. Events
    2. Forum Guide

  6. Stories
    1. Fostering
    2. Jesse
    3. Pool Party
    4. Superstar
    5. Wet Jobs
      1. Joey
      2. Rakesh